Get your employees to learn pro-actively at the workplace

❌Stop enriching your training offer

❌Stop ‘inspiring’ employees to learn

✅Start building an informal learning culture

Use our frameworks for employees, leaders, and yourself and design a culture where people learn within the work they already do – without ‘losing’ too much time to execute and deliver great work. 

Learning cultures build at

“I can say for myself and everyone on my team that we’ve seen improvements in our day-to-day work. I am grateful to have found such warm and thoughtful collaborators. I wish all companies had these kinds of conversations!״
Richard De La Rosa

Now imagine a workplace where


👉🏽 employees proactively work on their development, needing only 2 hours a month

👉🏽 employees make effective use of all available learning channels.

👉🏽 employees learn and develop within the work they already do

👉🏽 employees learn with and from each other

🤵 leadership understands and supports the process of learning

🦸‍♀️ you have all the tools and knowledge to make this happen

“I was immediately impressed with their fresh approach of practical, iterative and social learning. Add in a lot of fun and a giant dollop of kindness and you get a great partnership"
Tracey Williams
People Culture Manager laureate

What we have learned about prioritizing learning

There are many reasons why learning is not a top priority. 
And we are sure you understand why this is important. 

(We are speaking of retention, attraction, innovation)


Your training offer most likely isn’t one of reasons.
Here’s what we’ve learned over the last 5+ years why employees don’t make proactive learning a priority.

  1. They are overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities
  2. They don’t feel support from leadership to take time
  3. Leadership does not see the added value for them
  4. No one is holding them accountable
  5. They don’t know what to develop
  6. They don’t know where to start
  7. Their work is a priority

“I do not even have to look at my plan every day, since I have set the intentions it kind of goes automatically - I focus on what I want״
Employee Bouwselect

How we do it

Deep down you know another expensive series of off-site training or one personal development training isn’t the answer.
Learning is a journey. But how do you scale a personalized approach when people have different goals and ways they learn?
And how do you make sure it benefits the company and not distracts from great results? 

We have spent 1000+ hours to create a simple yet impactful method for learning and development at the workplace.
For 5+ years we’ve facilitated this approach ourselves. And know exactly what you need to build this yourself.

Our Prototype You method helps you build a realistic learning culture, no matter your organisation type.
It’s based on best practices from lean, agile and design thinking. The learning culture is built through ownership, support and experiments.

Do It Yourself


Life time access

Off to a flying start with a work package with tools, knowledge and instructions for leadership, learning managers and employees.

Do It Yourself +


per month

A successful implementation with everything from Do It Yourself, with a 1:1 monthly support session, async support and extra tools.



per month / up to 20 employees

We run the sessions: Great for a kick-off or an ongoing process. For a group of up to 20 employees

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