Prototype You App

Here to support your personal development.

Work towards your personal development goals with trusted supporters.


Who gets to see my data?

First of all: You are the director of your development, so your data is fully yours and we don’t look at it or use it. You get to decide what’s in your learning plan, who’s in your buddy list, who you ask for support and who gets to see your learning plan.

When you invite somebody to be in your buddy list, this buddy can only see your profile information. When you invite a buddy in your list to support you on a learning cycle, that buddy can additionally see your learning plan of that cycle. That includes your learning goal, learning cycle duration, actions and your messages you sent to each other. Your learning cycle buddies cannot see what other buddies are supporting you during that learning cycle, the messages from other buddies, and your private notes.

Once you have finished your learning cycle, nobody else than you can access it. You can choose to share completed learning cycles with others via pdf.

Why can I not delete anything after I started my learning cycle?

Once you have committed to your learning plan, you can only add actions. Our philosophy is that you cannot fail your action plan. If you are not able to finish all of your actions in time, you can reflect on this during the reflection. It gives you valuable insights about yourself and how to do things differently next time. Like Nelson Mandela once said: “I never lose, I either win or learn.”

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I love the Prototype You learning methodology and the app has really helped me to build learning into my daily routine. I use it for planning learning activities but what I really benefit most from is the reflection space and the help of my buddy who is connected to my learning plan via the app. This support, encouragement and nudging has improved my own accountability for learning and helped me improve far more than I would have done left to my own devices.

Sophie HR Manager