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We bring together explorers who challenge accepted norms about work, to co-create ways of working where people and organisations thrive.

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We are explorers who shape people-first performance cultures

We are explorers – forward thinking leaders and professionals ahead of the curve – who set out to shape Life-Centric Work cultures around the world. Life-Centric Work is about cultivating work that enriches people’s lives. It recognises that employees are human beings with personal lives, needs and goals. With a focus on personal growth, meaningful work, autonomy, wellbeing, and belonging it seeks to create a workplace that helps employees thrive at work and beyond. When done right, Life-Centric Work leads to long-term benefits for people, organisations, and society as a whole. Read our Manifesto if you want to learn more about our vision, values, and approach.

We are here for explorers who

  • feel powerless to change the culture they work in.
  • have influence, but are in need of ideas and interventions.
  • want to broaden their horizon with diverse perspectives from an international community.
  • are curious about what others are doing to find more harmony between work and their life.
  • are passionate to connect with like-minded professionals and contribute to a life-centric world of work.
  • believe that there is a need, or desire within their work culture for change, but don’t know where (or how) to get started.
  • feel like lone wolves in their organisation, looking for a safe space with sounding board and community to encourage them when they feel discouraged.

We help you shape Life-Centric Work
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Life-Centric Work


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We believe in the value we deliver. Contact us to join a free taster workshop or, sign up, knowing that you can cancel your membership and get your money back within 30 days. Join sessions, meet members, ask questions and dive into our library of resources. If you do that and aren’t happy, we’ll refund you no questions asked.

Fair rates around the world

We are a global community committed to fair rates around the world. If you live in a lower-income country, contact us for purchasing power adjusted rates.

Impact within & beyond our borders

In our community we help each other cultivate Life-Centric Work. We focus on co-creating what members need most to progress. We generously share everything we create to make impact beyond our community borders. 


Life-Centric Work community
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How I wish for everyone to have ...

… a work experience that contributes to an inspired life. It made me think of the concept of work-life balance. While well-intentioned, it implies that ‘work’ and ‘life’ are two separate entities on an equal footing that need to be balanced. It also assumes that work drains you, while life is there to recharge you.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Work can be so much more. In 2018 I co-founded Prototype You to help fuel a new narrative about work. At its best, work has the power to enrich our lives, contribute to our greater well-being and help organisations excel. We call it Life-Centric Work.

Life-Centric Work understands that people deliver their best work when they are happy and healthy. Caring leaders who provide people with trust, autonomy and support are rewarded with great work. Organisations who treat employees as humans instead of resources, outperform others. Life-Centric Work empowers people to be present with loved ones outside of work and cherish the moments that make life worth living. When done right, Life-Centric Work leads to a triple win for people, organisations and society.

On our journey to help people thrive at work and beyond, we were thrilled to meet so many likeminded professionals who shared our beliefs. Fellow explorers who no longer want to be a lonely cog in an outdated system, ready to reshape their relationship with work. We have started to bring them together in our community. A playground to connect, learn from each other, and co-create cultures where people and organisations thrive. I’m proud of how we are helping each other create positive ripple effects in society, whilst making great friends along the way. United and growing in number, we are now introducing life-centric work practices in organisations around the world. Do you want to shape Life-Centric Work for yourself, your team or organisation?

I’d love to welcome you to our community,

Wouter Smeets


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