How do I guide people
towards their ideal work experience?

As a facilitator you get

Immediately deployable workshop material

Community of facilitators

Proven products to use in your practice

In short

With our facilitator training and licence you will learn a practical peer-to-peer learning approach and be able to facilitate programmes where participants help each other experiment towards their ideal career, work experience or skills. Click here for more information on the programmes.

What does the community say?

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What can you expect?

A training of two half-days in which we teach you how to facilitate a programme based on our methodology. The first training day focuses on the background of the methodology and the way of facilitation. The second training focuses on practising by using case studies from our experience.

To join the training, we think it's important that you've experienced how we work. If you haven't yet been to one of our programs or workshops, you can participate for free in our Prototype You Experience where you design a prototype of your ideal workday. This session is also accessible if you are not yet sure if you want to attend the training. 

To become a Prototype You Facilitator you will enter into a license agreement with Prototype You, for full transparency you can preview it here. 

How do I become a facilitator?

PY Experience

demo session
  • 1 workshop of 2.5 hours
  • online
  • up to 10 participants
  • After participation access to facilitator training
  • An understanding whether Prototype You Facilitator is for you
  • Experience of Prototype You approach and guiding principles
  • Design of your ideal workday

Facilitator training

Includes Prototype You licence for the first year (€750)
per facilitator
  • 2 training days of 3 hours
  • online or on location
  • 1 to 5 participants
  • Learn how to effectively apply personalised peer-to-peer learning and development
  • Facilitate our programs yourself.
  • All the material you need to run our programmes
  • Sell our programs yourself using our material
  • Access to our facilitator community

Are you looking forward to facilitate our programmes?

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