Talent Development

Agile and social learning process

An innovative and practical approach for continuous learning and development

Proactive personal leadership

Facilitate personal development of your employees

Are you looking for a practical and innovative approach to nurture continuous learning and development in your organisation? The Prototype You method activates employees to become pro-active leaders over their personal development and career. Employees will continuously learn and develop effectively with small experiments and a team of co-workers that helps each other along the way.



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During our two hour taster we let a team of four to six employees experience a few steps of our method. Employees will work on their challenges and help each other with this. Afterwards, we explore opportunities how our Prototype You method can be of value within your organisation.

In this way, you will get a good insight in what we can offer your employees and organisation!


Looking for a quick start and get your people to take action with our best practices?

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In this two to four our session we share our best practices and empower employees to directly put their insights into practice.

In this way, your employees will be inspired to get to work with innovative and practical ways of personal development!

Prototype You

Are you looking for a practical and tested method for personal and professional development, with a focus on the individual employee experience and social connections within your team(s)?

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We deliver our practical and tested approach for continuous learning and development using a mix of ceremonies and coaching. Employees (max 20 people per session) will experience a complete Prototype You methodology iteration, together with a team of coworkers that helps each other along the way. Every employee will create a personal prototyping plan and will take small tangible actions to tackle professional challenges. During the evaluation every employee will look into his or her insights, after which everyone will create a new prototyping plan for the next iteration.


You will take your organisation to a higher level with a people-centric approach, by boosting team building and most importantly get a structure for continuous learning and development. 

Prototype You Train the Facilitator

A completely integrated innovative & practical approach to continuous learning and development.

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Our world is changing rapidly and your workforce is changing as well. With our Prototype You Train-The-Facilitator package your organisation will be ahead of the competition. You will have a practical structure for continuous learning and development completely integrated in your organisation. We will go through our Prototype You method like described in ‘Prototype You’ and make sure our method gets implemented within your organisation. We look at servant leadership, prototyping mindset and train employees to become Prototype You Facilitators and will provide you with all necessary materials. After implementation we remain involved and provide you through inter-vision and a hotline with the necessary support.  


Your employees become pro-active leaders over their development and career. You will attract and retain talent in your future-proof and people-focused organisation. In short, you will have the power to continuously develop your talent and supercharge your organisation goals!

The Prototype You Steps

Our practical and tested method creates a short-cyclical, social and interactive development process
in which you become a pro-active leader of your development. Our method is based on best practices
from agile, lean, design thinking and peer-collaboration. It consists of six steps that build on
top of each other in a structured way, with lots of small experiments and a
team of people that helps you along the way!

Prototype You Model
Are you looking for a structure for continuous learning and development?

Work with us in order to:

Our clients work with methods such as agile, lean or design thinking. They put their people first and with a focus on talent development they are building an engaged organisation that is learning continuously.

Implement a structure for continuous learning and development with rapid experimenting and peer-coaching in your organisation.

Invest less time and money in talent development while maximizing results through optimal learning between employees

Facilitate team building via personal development.

Retain and develop talent in your organisation.

Learn and develop based on principles from innovation such as design thinking, lean and agile.

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  • Go and take action with your team.