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Practical solutions for continuous learning and development in your organization.


A future fit organization with engaged employees through:

continuous development of your employees.

employees who take ownership of their own development.

employees who learn with and from each other.


Deep Dive Program

Self-directed personal development programs for employees.

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In our Prototype You Deep Dive program we empower employees to become director over their development with support from peers inside and / or outside the organization. A program consists of a series of work sessions in which we help employees to develop based on personal ambitions, talents and challenges. We follow our practical and personal approach to self-development, which is based on best practices from innovation, didactics and peer-to-peer collaboration. Programs can be carried out both online, at your favorite location or a mix of both. The program further consists of a work package for participants, coaching and our Prototype You app that supports the development process of participants.


In addition to the regular programs for employees, we also offer topic-based learning programs. An example is our popular leadership program format where we allow leaders to learn from and with each other, inject leadership coaching expertise and take steps towards leadership of the future. Contact us for more information about this program.


With these practical & personal programs you give a boost to happiness at work and employee engagement in a future fit organization!



Go beyond 360 degrees feedback

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We help you build a continuously learning workforce where employees help one another grow towards personal development goals using our iOS & Android app. This app does not only facilitate 360 degrees feedback but our main feature is 360 degree peer-accountability. As far as us concerned, a not to be missed ingredient when implementing a good learning & development strategy.


Implement a human experience culture yourself

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We provide trainings that help you build a continuous learning culture through all levels of your organisation and empower you to facilitate our learning programs yourself. Such as:

How to implement continuous learning in your organization.

How to become a servant leader.

Prototype You Facilitator training.


Sparring partner for all your human experience questions.

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Many organizations are already doing a lot on building a great human experience. Hence, there’s not always the need for implementing a new method or a complete new human experience design. We are happy to take a look at your current situation and your ideal situation. With our knowledge and experience we can help you in your journey towards the ideal situation.

The Prototype You Steps

Our practical & personal method creates a short-cyclical, social and interactive development process
in which you become director of your development. Our method is based on best practices from agile,
lean, design thinking and peer-collaboration. It consists of six steps that build on top of
each other in a structured way, with lots of small experiments and a team of
people that helps you along the way!

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