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Prototype You

Alberto Gonzalez Otero

Interview Alberto Gonzalez Otero

In our Prototype You Talent series we talk with people with an innovative perspective on people development within organisations.

In this episode Wouter Smeets converses with Alberto Gonzalez Otero, founder of Just on purpose.

About Alberto:

Alberto is an optimist leader and entrepreneur who believes in Purpose as the driving force for positive change for individuals and organisations. He helps organisations, leaders and teams discover their purpose, transform and maximise results. He delivers leadership programs, workshops, keynotes and organise retreats to help his clients realise there is another way to achieve results. To help them understand why they are in business, why they want to be a leader and why they wake up in the morning. He is convinced that you can be successful, profitable and purpose-driven at the same time!

You can reach out to Alberto via: