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Prototype You

Svenja Carolin Dietrich

Interview Svenja Carolin Dietrich

In our interview series Prototype You Talent we search for the best practices in talent development.

In this episode Wouter Smeets talks with Svenja Carolin Dietrich, manager people & operations at PWC, founder of Inner Business School and a future of work visionary with a focus on the employee experience.

About Svenja: Svenja corporate rebel, people and organization strategy consultant and an unshakable optimist dedicated to help millennials to create work that matters to them. Svenja experienced in her career what it means to have the burning desire to do meaningful work, but was trapped in the daily bullshit work hidden behind her professional mask… as many millennials! She realized that quitting the job, moving to another country or other escape strategies don’t help. The change has to happen from within. With the inner business school Svenja supports people with emotional intelligence based professional development online courses to redefine work on their terms.

How you can reach Svenja: