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Prototype You

Wouter Smeets on HR Matters Podcast

Co-founder Wouter Smeets has been interviewed by Marjolein Vlug and Lisa Dempsey on their HR Matters Podcast. Below you can listen to the full interview.


Topics which are covered:

  • How we with Prototype You empower employees to become the director of their own personal development and career.
  • Why and how organisations need to keep up with the speed of change and innovation.
  • How we nurture ownership throughout the entire journey.
  • How our approach to talent development benefits from the best parts of lean, agile, design thinking and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Quote from the interviewers:

“An important take-away: make sure to have employees develop from their own ambitions and talents to get the most out of them. Don’t impose only organisational ambitions on your employees. That mindset change is at the core of making learning at the speed of business truly happen.”