Prototype You

A practical and tested approach

An agile way of working with sprints, experiments and peer-accountability.

Director of your personal development

The Prototype You methodology

Our practical and tested approach is a short-cyclical, social and interactive development process that makes you director of your own personal development. Taking the best from agile, lean, design thinking and peer-collaboration it consists of six steps that build on top of each other in a structured way. With small and playful experiments you tackle defining growth challenges, so to effectively and quickly grow towards your personal ambition. It is about your personal journey, but you will receive support from your team in which people help each other on their journey of personal growth. In a fixed rhythm you look back on what you have learned and you with these insights you start a new cycle with a fresh set of experiments!

We share our solution with masterclasses, workshops, train-the-trainer programs and are excited to share that we are
writing our book: Prototype Your Future. A practical guide to explore and chase
your dreams with small experiments and group of people that supports you on your personal

HR Innovation

“Their process draws on motivational methods, which stimulates curiosity while reinforcing accountability for outcomes. It is a great way to nurture continuous learning in organizations!”

Jo-Ann Garbutt SHRM Netherlands Forum Lead

HR Innovation

Prototype You is an intensive and fun workshop that helps very well to gain insight into which choices and / or challenges are relevant to you at the moment. Through well-constructed exercises you write, share and visualize what is important to you at this moment in your life and your work. And you are full of energy to then get started with this in a practical way.

Anna - Consultant

HR Innovation

In a relatively short time you will find out who you are, what is important to you in life and what you stand for. It offers you an insight into where you come from and where you would like to go.

Lisanne - Consultant

HR Innovation

Prototype You is a practical and structured way to improve your life; both at work and at home. The focus is on setting the right priorities; that which has the most impact.

Max - Risk Manager

HR Innovation

Prototype You ensures that you collect all puzzle pieces to make a good choice for your ideal life. A workshop where you use innovation techniques and methods to shape your own life and to test assumptions as quickly as possible.

Geert - entrepreneur

HR Innovation

Prototype You makes talent development actionable

Bas Schotte - Chapter Lead ING.

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