A personal journey of exploration
with trusted travel companions.

Unleash the power of intrinsic motivation and help each other develop with our action-oriented approach to personal development.

How it started.

We - founders Kristiaan and Wouter - met as teenagers playing football on a square in Zoetermeer. Young, care-free and not yet thinking about the future.Ten years later we meet again, this time at the Grote Markt in The Hague. Both in search of an inspiring work experience, entrepreneurship and personal development. The many self-help books inspire, but seldom incite action and real change. That's a gap we want to fill fast!

From inspiration to action.

We get to work right away and develop a prototype approach that genuinely encourages concrete steps in your development. With his innovation background, Wouter brings in best practices from lean, agile and design thinking. Kristiaan does the same with his Learning and Development expertise at a start-up and his didactic knowledge from education. We make sure to add a good dose of science on behavioural change. We test our approach with a couple of courageous guinea pigs and brainstorm about the name: Prototype You sees the light of day!

The Prototype You method.

Our Prototype You approach makes employees director of their personal development. In a rhythm of six recurring steps, employees work from intrinsic motivation towards their ideal work experience. That journey consists of small experiments, recurring moments of positive reflection and support from colleagues.

Our approach is action-oriented, stimulates a growth mindset and creates focus on what really matters. We nurture ownership, motivation and trust. Employees learn from each other and a buddy system provides extra commitment. That's how we get employees moving on a personal journey of exploration with trusted travel companions!

Our approach according to others.

Growing impact.

All the positive feedback give us courage to continue! After an initial start in the consumer market, we are making a pivot to the business world. Our Prototype You method turns out to be a fantastic match for employee and organisation! In the years that follow, we make a real difference for startups, scaleups, government organisations and multinationals that focus on being a good employer.

Of course. The pandemic is causing problems for us too. But after all the trouble, the growth spurts follows. We expand our team with coaches and facilitators, and in addition to many workshops and programmes, we also create a facilitator training. With this training, we can now use the Prototype You methodology to make a positive impact for even more people and organisations. And in the end, that's what we are all about!

Great employer.

Providing each human being a work experience that gives positive energy! That is what we aim for. Besides, if people feel good, the organisation performs better. A clear win-win! We enjoy collaborating with organisations with the ambition to be a great employer.

With Prototype You, we build human-centric organisations that give their people freedom, trust and mandate to shape their work experience themselves. Organisations that dare to abandon a one-size-fits-all approach and understand: "If I take good care of my people, my people will take good care of my organisation. 

We look forward to what the future will bring. A beautiful Prototype You journey of exploration towards more human-centric organisations and without any doubt many more prototypes! 

Would you like to travel with us?

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