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We make your employees directors of their career development, and help them experiment towards their ideal career path or to become even better at what they already do!

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Grow or go.

Employees spending their entire working life with one employer? Those days are over. With the 'Great Resignation' in a tight labour market, organisations have to work hard to attract and retain talent. Personal development - especially for younger generations - plays a key role in this all. The world of work is also changing at a rapid pace. Digitisation and automation make continuous upskilling essential for sustainable employability and to remain relevant in the future. But how do you do that in a way that attracts people, binds them and inspires them to learn?

People first.

Unfortunately. There is no one-size-fits-all career path. Every person has unique talents, interests and goals. Therefore, put people first and cater to individual needs. Give employees freedom, trust and a mandate to shape their own career paths. As an organisation, continuously support short learning cycles in which employees experiment and adjust when needed: where do I want to go and how do I get there? In doing so, we believe in Sir Richard Branson's motto: "Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to." The result: committed and skilled employees who are at a place where they can thrive. If someone does leave the organisation, then it will be as a lifelong ambassador of your organisation!

Prototype Your Career.

In our solution, we make your employees directors of their careers. We guide them through a series of assignments in our Prototype You learning cycle. A voyage of discovery in which employees help each other, from intrinsic motivation, to work towards their ideal career path. This journey takes place through experiments in short learning cycles, moments of positive reflection and support from colleagues. During the journey we work on ownership, trust and a growth mindset. As a participant you will discover a realistic ideal image of where you want to be in the near future, you will map the differences with your current situation, and in short learning cycles with concrete actions and experiments you will work towards your ideal career path! You also learn a practical approach that you can continue to use yourself afterwards, you have set up your own support system for your development and you help your colleagues in their development.

What can you expect?

In 1 to 4 sessions, we guide up to 12 participants through a workbook of assignments toward their ideal career path. The sessions build on each other and can take place online or on location. We do this in short timeboxes with high speed and energy. We encourage interaction and share personal tips. Each session ends with a focused action plan that allows each participant to make concrete progress. These actions and experiments mainly take place within the regular work and can also be about doing something less or not doing something at all. A buddy system ensures extra commitment and connection. Our style? Practical, personal and fun

Which option is right for me?


for concrete first steps.
  • 1 workshop of 2 hours
  • up to 12 participants
  • buddy system
  • digital templates
  • content after session
  • online
  • Design of career paths
  • 1st experience with methodology

One cycle

for an optimal learning effect.
  • 2 workshops of 2 hours
  • up to 12 participants
  • buddy system
  • digital templates
  • content after both sessions
  • online or on location
  • design, test & reflect career paths
  • full experience of methodology


for a mindset and skillset change.
  • 3 workshops of 2.5 hours
  • up to 12 participants
  • buddy system
  • printed workbook
  • content after all sessions
  • online or on location
  • 2+ iterations on career development
  • Understand & apply our method yourself

Embrace the speed of change.

Do you want a learning culture where employees help each other grow based on intrinsic motivation and unleash their full potential?

Continuous learning

Ready for the future.
on request
  • Apply the Prototype You learning cycle in a fixed rhythm
  • Grow a learning culture where people dare to experiment
  • From annual personal development plan to continuous development
  • Utilise all potential and expertise in the workplace.
  • Learning from ownership, intrinsic motivation and trust
  • Employees learn with and from each other

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