How do you do your best work?

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We help your employees experiment into their ideal way of working and cooperating. In this way, they discover how to do their best work and get even more energy and happiness out of their work!

What customers say

How do I do my best work?

That used to be clear. You worked in the office during office hours. But the world of work is changing fast. The ways of the industrial era no longer fits today's predominantly creative knowledge work. Our technology now allows us to work from anywhere anytime, and with an extra push from the pandemic, hybrid work environments are becoming the norm. We can now deliver value smarter ways, but how do you organise that in a good way? The line between work and private life is blurring, leading to increased work pressure and absenteeism. Creating sufficient connection and engagement are also a challenge. Where, when, how and how long you work is all changing. This makes the question 'how do I do my best work' a lot harder than before.

Are you already a great employer?

If people are not comfortable in their places, the organization feels that pain as well. Talent is underutilized or leaves. With the 'Great Resignation' in a tight labor market, organizations are jostling for talent. Younger generations expect an organizational focus on well-being and are looking for connection and development. More and more organizations are fishing from the same global pond with 'Work From Anywhere' offers. Actively innovating towards the best work experience is therefore not only useful, but a necessity. How do you ensure that attractive workplace where your people deliver their best work in a sustainable way?

What is the best hybrid work experience?

Unfortunately. There is no one-size-fits-all method or magic pill. The best way depends on the type of work, the organization and people themselves. Every person has unique work needs, energy givers and takers. So how? Within the framework of the organization, give employees freedom, trust and mandate to shape their own work experience. Respond to individual needs, but take each other into account as a team. Support a process of experimentation: what works and what doesn't? In this way you work towards a supported working method that suits the team, people feel good about themselves and the organization performs better.

Why Prototype You?

We make employees directors of their work experience through an approach with small experiments, recurring moments of positive reflection and support from colleagues. Our approach is based on best practices from lean, agile, design thinking and behavior change. Our starting point is the individual employee and we stimulate good conversations between colleagues about working and working together. This leads to a better understanding of each other's work needs, areas for improvement come to the surface, and employees actively help each other build and test prototypes towards an ideal work experience. Our approach is action-oriented, peer-to-peer and iterative. Employees learn with each other by doing from ownership, trust and connection. Along the way, employees learn our way of thinking and doing. In this way, they can continue to work towards an ideal work experience, even when we are no longer there.

What can you expect?

In 1 to 3 sessions, we guide up to 10 participants through a workbook of assignments to their ideal work experience. The sessions build on each other and can take place online or on location. In session 1 employees make a prototype design of their ideal work experience based on their own needs and a concrete action plan to work towards it. In session 2, employees reflect on insights from the past cycle (usually 2 to 4 weeks), come to a prioritized list of themes to tackle together as a team and again make an action plan. In session 3, employees reflect again, elaborate on the most important themes in the team, and create a plan to continue prototyping with the team.

In the sessions, we work in short timeboxes with high speed and energy. We stimulate knowledge sharing between employees, share our own best practices and send extra tips after each session. Participants end each session with a focused action plan that helps to make concrete progress. A buddy system ensures extra commitment and connection. The actions and experiments mainly take place within the regular work and are also often about not doing something or doing less. You can register as a team or via open registration of individual employees. Our style? Practical, personal and fun!

Which option is right for me?


for concrete first steps.
  • 1 workshop of 2 hours
  • up to 10 participants
  • buddy system
  • digital templates
  • content after session
  • online
  • Design of ideal work experience
  • 1st experience with methodology

Full cycle

for an optimal learning effect.
  • 2 workshops of 2 hours
  • up to 10 participants
  • buddy system
  • digital templates
  • content after both sessions
  • online or on location
  • 1x design of ideal working experience
  • full experience of methodology


for a mindset and skillset change.
  • 3 workshops of 2.5 hours
  • up to 10 participants
  • buddy system
  • printed workbook
  • content after all sessions
  • online or on location
  • 2+ iterations ideal work experience
  • Understand & apply our method yourself.

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