The Life-Centric Work Manifesto

Thrive at work and beyond.

We are explorers – forward thinking leaders and professionals ahead of the curve – who are reshaping our approach to work. We cultivate workplaces that support the whole person, recognising that individuals have personal lives, relationships, and interests outside of work. We believe in work that emphasises health, well-being and happiness. Work in which people have autonomy over the way they work and how it contributes to living the life they want. The goal of work is to create valuable, meaningful and fulfilling experiences for individuals, teams, communities and society. Our Life-Centric Work Manifesto is to help pave the way towards work cultures that foster the type of benefits that makes life worth living. In this manifesto we explain:

  • What is Life-Centric Work ?
  • What are the benefits of Life-Centric Work?
  • What transformation we set out to achieve?
  • How do we bring Life-Centric Work into our world?
  • How you can be part of the journey to Life-Centric Work?

What is Life-Centric Work?

Life-Centric Work is a paradigm shift in how we approach work. Life-Centric Work is about cultivating work that enriches people’s lives. It recognises that employees are human beings with personal lives, needs and goals. With a focus on personal growth, meaningful work, autonomy, wellbeing, and belonging it seeks to create a workplace that helps employees thrive at work and beyond.

Life-Centric Work positively impacts people’s lives through …

  1. working from a place of trust.
  2. meaningful and fulfilling work experiences.
  3. focusing on happiness, wellbeing and resilience.
  4. respecting commitments and agreements made.
  5. helping people bring their best work into our world.
  6. providing people autonomy over the way they work.
  7. appreciating that people bring their unique and whole selves to work.
  8. personal growth and lifelong learning that play into people’s strengths and interests.
  9. a tight-knit community of companions who value, support, and celebrate each others’ journeys.
  10. embracing that people have different preferences and possibilities on how work shows up in life.
Work is part of life, not two separate silos

What are the benefits of Life-Centric Work?

The Life-Centric Work paradigm moves away from a sole (short-term) focus on productivity and profit, which is often wrongfully believed to have to come at the expense of wellbeing and happiness. Instead, Life-Centric Work optimizes what makes life valuable, and recognizes that people deliver their best work when happy and healthy. When done right, Life-Centric Work leads to valuable long-term benefits for individuals, teams, organizations and society as a whole. Life-Centric Work leads to improvements in the following areas:


Teams & leadership



What transformation do we set out to achieve?

We set out accomplish transformations in the workplace – shaping Life-Centric Work for yourself, your team or your organisation – and aim to help others achieve their own transformations in the following areas.


Life-Centric Work


that change is possible


to change from within


sphere of influence

If we are successful we’ll notice a shift



How do we bring Life-Centric Work into our world?

We commit to a value-based and practical approach:

  • Explore: we ask questions, challenge current norms and keep an open mind.
  • Prototype: we learn and advance through experiments.
  • Diversity of thought: we appreciate different perspectives, visions and ideas.
  • Generosity: we share our knowledge and support to help others
  • Inside-out: we act from ownership and expand our sphere of influence.
  • Human first: we focus on and amplify what makes us human.
  • Impact: we co-create what members need most.

How can you be part of the road to Life-Centric Work?

We bring together explorers – forward thinking leaders and professionals ahead of the curve – who seek to explore and implement Life-Centric Work within their own context and constraints. We co-create and share leading edge ideas, insights and interventions to shape life-centric work cultures. United and growing in number, we are fuelling a new narrative, introducing life-centric work practices in organisations around the world.

Do you want to explore Life-Centric Work with us for yourself, your team or your organisation?

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