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Klantverhalen: Arbeidsmobiliteit bij Laureate

Career mobility and learning capabilities

Over onze samenwerking met Laureate in Amsterdam en Krakau schreven we dit klantverhaal. Onderaan de pagina is deze gratis te downloaden. En met gratis bedoelen we dus ook zonder betaling met je emailadres. Op deze pagina lees je of dit document 10 minuten van je tijd waard is. Arbeidsmobiliteit professionals denken in ieder geval van wel!

Tekst is in het Engels vanwege de voertaal bij deze klant. 


Best 10 minutes of your work day.


With the pace of technological innovation, competition and change, organisations need to continuously adapt fast or get left behind. The situation is no different for people. Skills at the workplace age faster than ever due to digitisation and automation, with continuous reorientation, reskilling and upskilling becoming vital for sustainable employability.

To thrive in the future, organisations need to continuously cultivate their learning capabilities and career mobility at all levels of the organisation. Moreover, with ‘The great resignation’ in full  effect, it’s imperative for organisations to find new ways to keep their employees happy and engaged.

Now meet Laureate, an online education company. With their offices in  Amsterdam and Krakow downsizing, they wanted to support their employees with a smooth career transition process ánd equip them with personal development tools that are useful in the future even beyond their next role. With Prototype You we ran several of our signature Prototype Your Career programs at Laureate, where employees help one another experiment towards their ideal career and improved professional skills.

In this customer story you can read all about the experiences and results at Laureate through the eyes of four different employees. A recommended read in case you are looking for effective, innovative and fun ways to cultivate happy employees, connected teams and a competitive edge through peer-to-peer learning solutions.



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