Design your career

We help L&D and people managers to get employees who learn pro-actively by implementing ownership, accountability, and experiments. 


Level up

We share the magic, you implement it
  • A cohort with 2-6 peers
  • We share all we know on how to build ownership over people's career through accountability and experiments.
  • 4 sessions
  • Get a plan of action and frameworks to transform your team into people who understand how they deliver their best work


We work with employees direclty
  • 4-12 employees
  • Employees who proactively shape and work towards their ideal way of working and delivering their best work
  • Monthly live team sessions work materials Action plans to work in between sessions
  • Minimum of 3 months (2 sessions in 1st month) Focus on work conditions design Optional team collaboration design

Own it

Get our secret recipe and do it yourselves
  • up to 4 at the same time
  • Receive hands-on training to become a Prototype You Facilitator
  • The training consists of 2 sessions of 2 hours.
  • A library with all materials needed to facilitate programs. Including manuals, templates, scripts.
  • €1000,- license fee first year included

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Design thinking for career development

What we do

You can build all the learning materials you want, build an amazing LMS, and introduce the best apps to motivate and support employees to learn. If they do not know how to learn, if they do not know how to find time and focus. All your great work will not be used in the way it deserves.

There’s always another priority….

Which is a shame.

You can see our work as an overlay of what you create.

Your employees

We make sure employees:

Take ownership of their development

Find the right focus and goals for this moment

Have real qualitative development conversations

Really get into action by holding them accountable

Understand where they want to go with their career

Decide what resources and tools available they can use.

How it works

Through a series of monthly workshops, we give the employees the ownership and responsibility of their career development by letting them design their future careers. 

Our timeframe of focus is a maximum of 2 years and preferably less, because..well.. life happens, right?

We let them find focus and the right support to get where they want to go and take real action through small steps and experiments. 

In order to make sure they follow up with their self-committed action plans they will get an accountability buddy. Which gives them a probability of 95% to follow through with the plan. (study by ASTD)

If you are into that, we do personal development through design thinking, lean and agile practices

Who we are

We noticed how difficult it actually is to learn at the workplace. Coworkers, friends, many people are in search of ‘self-help by reading books and listening to inspiring people.

But fail to get into action.

To start learning.

We haven’t learned in school how to learn. We learned how to study for grades. Learning goes by doing, by ‘failing’, getting feedback, and reflecting. Wouter has a habit of quoting Nelson Mandela who describes our philosophy: ‘I never lose, I either win or I learn’.

Another factor that plays a significant role in employees not working proactively on their development is the lack of time priority. Work that has to be done now, or better yesterday is always more important than working on your own development for the long run. At least, that’s a culture we see a lot. We want to help L&D and people managers who are building great programs, learning weeks, and LMS systems to make better use of it by their employees.

We make it simple, not easy, highly practical, and provide a way towards a culture of ownership and taking responsibility for own development.

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Kristiaan Hartmann


10 years of experience in education and over 5 years in the L&D field have brought me here. I do not only get energy from supporting the development of other people, but I also get energized if I can help you do the same, but better! 

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